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Non-Slip GRP Grille

It is a non-slip flooring product that is the definitive solution for all oily and wet floors used extensively, especially in factories, and provides high strength for many years. Made from glass reinforced braided reinforced polyester. Non-slip flooring creates a safe walking area, especially for businesses that use Hydraulic and Boron oils in the production process. It provides high level (R13) slip resistance even on the steepest slopes. Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. It is not affected by chemicals, does not conduct electricity, does not spread flame and can be easily applied.

Usage areas :

  • Factories

  • Municipalities

  • hospitals

  • Hotels

  • Shopping malls

  • Public Transport Vehicles

Colour options

Non-Slip Floor Covering Black
Non-Slip Floor Covering Yellow

*Non-Slip Flooring products can be produced in any RAL colors upon request.

Application Methods:

You can review the application methods in the PDF files below.

Technical data:

You can review the technical information in the PDF files below .

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